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Cavac Biomaterials : an example of "eco-logical" industry

Cavac Biomaterials is a subsidiary of agricultural cooperative based in "Vendée", Cavac. Located in the south sells, the company specializes in the industrial application of plant fibers such as hemp and flax, plants recognized for their exemplary ecological. green growth and sustainable development are central to the philosophy of the company that has established itself over the years, growing hemp as an innovative and sustainable agriculture, adapted to the industrial challenges of tomorrow.

A combination unique in Europe

One production site, two crafts (defibering and burling)

A short-distance ecological distribution system

The hemp as well as the flax are produced within a 100-km radius from the production site by farmers from the Cavac agricultural cooperative.

High-performance, durable vegetable fibres

Hemp and flax fibres are very highly appreciated by industrialists, transformers and applicators for their ecological and structural qualities.

Zero-waste production

All straw and dust are recovered and recycled.

An agro-industrial sector after the cooperative sector

Cavac Biomaterials - numerous industrial opportunities

Resistance, lightness & environmental performance

Door car, cockpit equipment, soundproofing elements...

Insulation panels, hemp coating

Full range, consisting of bulk, rigid or semi-rigid and certified thermal performance.

Agro composites industry

Blades of composite decks, cases and bags molded, lightweight and resistant containers ...

Cavac Biomaterials : Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials

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Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials


Olivier Jadeau - Director Cavac Biomaterials presents Biofib activity expected for 2017



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