A unique bio-source material manufacturer in europe

A unique bio-source material manufacturer in europe

Cavac Biomatériaux, is an essential player in the transformation of plant fibers in Europe. The Vendée company is now widely recognized as a competitive and responsive industrial partner.

A virtuous agricultural sector, both in terms of agronomy and economy. The Cavac Biomatériaux sector preserves the environment and enhances local employment through the development of biosourced products. Development "eco-logical" and beneficial to all players in the industry!


Cavac Biomaterials - numerous industrial opportunities

Resistance, lightness & environmental performance

Door car, cockpit equipment, soundproofing elements...

Insulation panels, hemp coating

Full range, consisting of bulk, rigid or semi-rigid and certified thermal performance.

Agro composites industry

Blades of composite decks, cases and bags molded, lightweight and resistant containers ...

Olivier Jadeau - Director Cavac Biomaterials presents Biofib activity expected for 2017

Cavac Biomaterials :
Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials

Le Fief Chapitre 85400 Saint Gemme La Plaine
Phone number (France) 02 51 30 98 38

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