Strengths of plant fibers

Hemp is a crop that has many assets: its culture to its valuation, hemp is beneficial at all stages of its use.

Aspiration for eco-responsible actions

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to environmental aspects and the "natural" origin of the products. This trend encourages the favorable development of biobased products, including those based on "vegetable fiber".

The use of biopolymers gives an ecological advantage, such as for reinforcing plastic compounds with hemp fiber. Fossil resources are spared and there is less pressure on the environment and CO² emissions are reduced.

An environmentally friendly farming

Cavac Biomaterials - numerous industrial opportunities

Resistance, lightness & environmental performance

Door car, cockpit equipment, soundproofing elements...

Insulation panels, hemp coating

Full range, consisting of bulk, rigid or semi-rigid and certified thermal performance.

Agro composites industry

Blades of composite decks, cases and bags molded, lightweight and resistant containers ...

Cavac Biomaterials : Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials

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Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials


Olivier Jadeau - Director Cavac Biomaterials presents Biofib activity expected for 2017



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