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Biofib'isolation is a leading brand in the insulation market biobased from hemp. Its products are made from renewable plant fibers that attract more artisans and consumers. The range, which consists of bulk, rigid or semi-rigid, is able to respond to all constructive applications.

Insulation thermal performance ensures that naturally lead to energy savings. The Biofib insulators are made from renewable plant fibers. Beyond their proven performance and certified ACERMI they guarantee a real "laying comfort" for all building professionals. Their natural fibers are 100% recyclable, perfectly healthy, non-irritating. The lack of dust at the installation facilitates the implementation and does not require any precautions. Today our insulation products are available in all of France Wholesalers.

Biofib'Jardin & Zen'lit

hemp chaff outcome has recognized absorption qualities. Cavac Biomaterials develops the specifics of this material on two main markets :

  • The mulching market "garden" under the brand Biofib'jardin
  • The market for animal bedding under the brand Zen’lit








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Cavac Biomaterials - Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials

Cavac Biomaterials Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials



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