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Features & Applications

Ecological awareness leads many industries to turn to "agro-materials". As such, hemp and linen fibers have technical characteristics (resistance, lightness, performance ...) and environmental factors that appeal to companies. The industrial tool developed by Cavac Biomaterials allows a complete valorization of the plant: a zero waste production!

The industrial tool

  • 3 production lines 100% automated:
  • Defibrating fibers
  • Topping (up to 4 components)
  • Micronization
  • 2500 m² of production area
  • 10000 m² of storage area
  • An R & D department
  • Laboratory in charge of quality and measurement control
  • ISO 9001 certification

Agro Composites Industry

Vegetable fibers, such as flax, are increasingly being used to strengthen polymers in order to reduce the environmental impact. Cavac Biomatériaux, proposes a micronized plant material (linen anas, chènevotte) that can integrate PVC, PP or PE matrices. These alloys can be applied by extrusion, injection or thermo-molding.








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Cavac Biomaterials - Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials

Cavac Biomaterials Innovative manufacturer of bio-based materials



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